Awakening the Healing Traditions of Dominican Food and Land Practices


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Woke Foods works to transform the Dominican Diaspora's relationship and understanding of food, land, and environment using plant-based food and justice-focused educational events.

We were founded in 2016 and are based in Uptown, NYC and in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

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We provide dinner experiences, catering services, cooking classes, and food justice workshops that serve both communities and organizations. Click below to learn more and work with us!


Ysanet volunteering at Rise & Root Farm
Ysanet volunteering at Rise & Root Farm

Woke Foods is Committed to Food & Land Education in our Community

Sourcing our ingredients from local New York community gardens and farms, using earth-friendly materials, composting our waste, and running as a worker-owned cooperative, is how we create economic power and commit to our community and Mother Earth.

It is part of our mission to share knowledge about plant-based healing, food justice, and land sovereignty, among other issues.


Our Recipes Are Plant-Based, Accessible, Quick, and Offer All The Delicious Flavors of Dominican & Afro-Caribbean Foods!

Jugo de Avena
Plant Based Sancocho
Sazón Sofrito
Cashew Cheese Dip
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