Classes and Workshops

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Woke Foods has experience offering a variety of classes and workshops in our community. Our education falls under two main umbrellas: Cooking Classes, and Food and Land education

As a cooperative business we strive to work alongside people through food! We envision people using food to heal and nourish their body, mind, and spirit. Woke Foods is here to work with you by providing cooking classes and food justice workshops.

Our Cooking Classes

Plant-Based Pastelitos

We invite you to discover a world of delicious plant-based foods and explore your kitchen skills through our hands-on cooking classes. We offer cooking classes that allow you to learn how to prepare fresh and easy plant-based dishes while building relationships with people.

Our classes are taught by one or two experienced chefs that can teach topics ranging from plant-based recipes, seasonal eating, and knife skills. Our classes provide a space of positive energy that will give confidence to go home and share your new learned knowledge with your own people.

Contact us if you want to organize a cooking class with us, or click here for our public class offerings (including Resistance Kitchen). For a more one-on-one experience, check out our Personal Chef program.



Food and Land Education


Woke Foods is powered by women of color who are chefs, farmers, organizers, educators, and so much more. It is part of our mission to share knowledge about plant-based healing, food justice, land sovereignty and so much more. Read below for a description of our current topics:

- Food Justice and Sovereignty

- Relationship to Food and Land Through a Racial Equity Lens

- Sustainability and Environmental Practices for People of Color

For rates and honorariums, please contact us.



Food and Land Education