Workshops and Classes

Woke Foods has experience offering a variety of classes and workshops in our community. Our education falls under two main umbrellas: Food & Land Education and Cooking Classes

Food and Land Education Workshops

Retorno Tierra es un programa de 8 semanas para personas Negras, Indígenas y otras Personas de Color para practicar como sanar nuestra relación con la Madre Tierra, y aprender cómo la supremacía blanca y el racismo a impactado y continúan afectando nuestra supervivencia colectiva.

Earth Lab is an 8-week program for BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color) to practice healing our relationship to and being in reciprocity with Mother Earth, while understanding how white supremacy and racism have and continue to impact our collective survival.

The work of Woke Foods is grounded in envisioning (and doing the work to return to) a world where our people have access to delicious food rooted in ancestral cooking practices and the land on which to produce it, where Mother Earth’s survival is always centered and uplifted, and our consumption and utilization of food is seen as a direct connection to our mental, spiritual and physical health. But how did we get to not be in a reciprocal relationship to earth, land, or food? Our workshops explore this question and more. Read below for a description of our current topics:

  • Food Justice and Sovereignty
  • Relationship to Food and Land Through an Equity Lens
  • BIPoC Vegan and Plant-Based Food Practices

Facilitation Methods: Grounding Exercises, Honoring the Land and its First Peoples, Body Movement, Guided Partner Shares, Breakout Groups, Discussions, Presentations, Writing Exercises (when applicable) 

For rates and honorariums, please contact us here or email us at

Featured Panel: Food & Gentrification in the South Bronx

Plant - Based Cooking Classes

Plant-Based Pastelitos

We invite you to discover a world of delicious plant-based foods and explore your kitchen skills through our hands-on cooking classes. We offer cooking classes that allow you to learn how to prepare fresh and easy plant-based dishes while building relationships with people.

Our classes are taught by one or two experienced chefs that can teach topics ranging from plant-based recipes, seasonal eating, and knife skills. Our classes provide a space of positive energy that will give confidence to go home and share your new learned knowledge with your own people.

Contact us if you want to organize a cooking class with us, or click here for our public class offerings (including Resistance Kitchen - our free classes for community organizers and people living in affordable housing).