A Woke Foods’ Guide To A Woke-ish Sangivin’


At Woke Foods, we recognize Thanksgiving for all that it is; an opportunity to slow down and share a meal with loved ones, a moment to reflect and express gratitude, sometimes a much-needed pause from work, and at its core, a holiday rooted in the false narrative that is peace between white settlers and the Indigenous people of this land, Turtle Island (North America).

It’s complex. Thanksgiving is so many things! Just as summer turned to fall, we began feeling the tension of the holiday fast approaching and so, we thought to create this guide for ourselves and for whoever else may need it. In it, we’re offering historical context on the U.S. holiday, why celebrating it feels like crap and is wrong, what we can do about it, how to take care of ourselves if we’re partaking, resources (further reading, ways to support indigenous communities), and delicious plant-based recipes to grub on throughout.