Personal Chef Services

The Power of Home Cooking

Woke Foods has lost count of how many times we have heard the following from our community:

  • I don’t know what to do in the kitchen
  • I don’t have time to meal prep
  • It’s expensive to eat healthy
  • When I follow a recipe it doesn’t come out like I want it to
  • I spend so much money eating out
  • I want to add more vegetables in my diet but I don’t know how
  • The kitchen is another place where patriarchy exists and I don’t want to be a part of that
  • My parent would kick me out the kitchen or put me down when I cooked as a young person, and I don’t feel comfortable in there


Woke Foods want to work ALONGSIDE you to be a confident home cook and NOT have to depend on us or other food service establishments to consistently nourish yourself. Why?

Woke Foods believes in the power of home cooking, that everyone has the capability to cook whole foods, find joy in the kitchen, and connect to their bodies through food and cooking.

There are way too many of us that depend on food service establishments to feed us and like many other areas of our food system, the food service industry today is out of control.

  • Food workers (a majority of them immigrant Black & Brown people) are working late, long hours and being paid unfair wages.
  • Single-use plastic to have food “to-go” is hurting our environment
  • Food companies often feed us large portions and edible food like substances, instead of real food.

We deeply believe that knowing your way around the kitchen and how to make your own food has IMMENSE value for us as individuals, the people close to us, our at-large community, AND our food systems.

How Our Personal Chef Service Works

We offer you the chance to work with a Woke Foods Chef for 1 month or more. The service includes the following, and is customizable depending on your needs:

  • In-home cooking and meal prep classes: We will meet in your kitchen once a week to prepare your meals for the week and do cooking lessons. Our time together will be focused on nutrition of ingredients, cutting techniques, cooking techniques, the use of kitchen tools, storing food for maximum freshness, as well as the spiritual and political aspect of food.
  • Kitchen Assessment: We will do an assessment of your kitchen and figure out what kitchen and cooking supplies you need to be your very best home cook (trust us when we say that it feels great when you’re making a recipe or dish and you have everything or most of what you need!).
  • Shopping trips to learn how to effectively and ethically shop:  You will learn how to navigate food shopping in supermarkets, health stores, farmer’s markets, CSA Boxes, and/or community gardens. You will learn to make food shopping time efficient and how to save money by eating in season, locally, and through bulk shopping.
  • Resources to read in between our time together, including books, website, articles, videos, and your very own custom cookbook.
  • Custom Recipe Book: We will work together to understand the recipes and food practices of your people and culture, your cravings, and favorite flavors / texture in foods.
  • Lessons on Plant-Based Nutrition, our Food System, and Food Justice: Woke Foods chef’s have a food justice, food sovereignty, and spirituality analysis which we like to bring into the cooking. If you need support around dislike of the kitchen or cooking, we will work together to address the root of those feelings.


How much does it cost?

We will work with you to find a rate that works for both of us. This is an investment in yourself and our goal is to not have you work with us for more than 3 months. Think of this as a personalized cooking school in your home that you can graduate from in 1 - 3 months and what you learn in our school you actually get to use every day and teach your people.